Who are we

The Eva Candela Onlus Foundation for Research and Gynecological Studies was established on 22nd November 2006 by Dr. Barbara Cittadini (Chairperson), Prof. Ettore Cittadini (Honorary President and Scientific Consultant), Prof. Paolo Quartararo (vice-president) and by Dr. Pierluigi Candela (councilor).

On 14th May, 2007, the official presentation of the Eva Candela Foundation for Research and Gynecological Studies was held in the Confindustria Conference Hall in Palermo.

Cerimonia di presentazione ufficiale della Fondazione Candela nell'aula della Confindustria di Palermo
Cerimonia di presentazione ufficiale della Fondazione Candela nell'aula della Confindustria di Palermo

The Statute

For the achievement of all social purposes, the Foundation can take advantage of private and public contributions, receive subsidies, subsidized loans and all the provisions in general, state, regional, community and municipal in accordance with current legislation on Foundations.

In order to achieve its goals, the Foundation may occasionally promote the public raising of funds also through offers of goods or services.

The main purpose of the Foundation is the pursuit of social solidarity initiatives to be implemented by conducting research and study activities in the gynecological field with particular interest in the problems of the pathophysiology of reproduction and oncology.

The theoretical-scientific activity will not be separated from assistance practice aimed at disadvantaged people due to physical, economic, social or family conditions.

The Foundation may also perform activities directly related to those mentioned above in addition to the extra activities below:

  1. promote initiatives and carry out prevention campaigns in the field of gynecology and obstetrics;
  2. induce, organize congresses and sponsor study seminars, refresher courses;
  3. take part in congresses, study seminars, refresher courses;
  4. organize stays for doctors, biologists, health care personnel in Italy and abroad at qualified centers on behalf of the Foundation;
  5. award scholarships to doctors, biologists, psychologists, and para-health personnel;
  6. promote public and editorial activities through the publication of books, newspapers, periodicals, bulletins and papers;
  7. set up study centres, research institutes, documentation centres by collecting informative material relating to the Foundation’s aims;
  8. provide editorial and scientific advice for public and private organizations;
  9. purchase and manage scientific equipment and any other useful material for the realization of the purposes of the Foundation;
  10. finance individuals, institutions or bodies that can contribute to the Foundation’s aims;
  11. allocate economic incentives to individuals in a state of economic hardship;
  12. encourage the involvement of volunteering;
  13. employ competent staff to manage the Foundation;
  14. creation of international “EVA CANDELA” award for Italian or foreign specialists who distinguish themselves in gynecological or related sciences, according to the aims of the Foundation.

On 21st May 2008 the Foundation obtained legal recognition and was registered in the Register of Legal Persons of the Prefecture of Palermo.

On 17th July 2008, the Foundation was registered in the Single Register of Non-Profit Organizations of Social Utility effective from 8 July 2008.