The Foundation’s first activity was the organization of the re-edition of Advancements in Obstetrics and Gynecology (Friday Conversations) in 2007.

The first conversation, on 23rd March, concerned Sexually Transmitted Diseases which are a worldwide social problem today.

The second conversation, on 18th May, concerned Hormonal Contraception.

The third and final conversation on June 15th dealt with Controversies in Obstetrics.

Since its outset, the Foundation has published a quarterly magazine called “From the Woman’s point of view: Women as protagonists of their own well-being” written by Prof. Paolo Quartararo and run by Prof. Ettore Cittadini and Dr. Barbara Cittadini.

In June 2008 Prof. Wattiez of the University of Strasbourg received the first “Eva Candela International Gynecological Research and Studies Award” for a Gynecologist who distinguished himself in the advancement of Gynecology and, in particular, of gynecological operative endoscopy.

From 2009 to 2015, the Foundation took part in two training projects on Biobanks of Gametes and Reproductive Tissues and collaborated with the Candela Clinic on laboratory projects for assisted reproduction.

In May 2010 the Eva Candela Foundation Award was presented to prof. Carlo Flamigni of Bologna University for his contribution to research and knowledge in the field of human reproduction.

In May 2010, the Foundation organized a conference in Syracuse on “Fertility Preservation in Cancer Patients” in which some of the world’s leading experts took part.

In June 2010,  Honorary President, Prof. Ettore Cittadini, received the “Honorary Membership” of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology  in Rome “In recognition of the outstanding contribution to the Science of Reproduction”.

The following video shows the interview prior to being awarded the prize presented by Prof. Carlo Flamigni.

In October 2012 a conference was held in Palermo on “The Present and the Future of Fertility Preservation” organized by the Eva Candela Onlus Foundation.

In September 2015, in Ragusa Ibla, a three-day course was held on “Advances in Reproductive Medicine”.

Ragusa Ibla - “Advances in Reproductive Medicine”
Fondazione Eva Candela - Conferenza
Ragusa Ibla - “Advances in Reproductive Medicine”

As part of the training courses of Pediatrics and Neonatology, the training courses on the Resuscitation of newborn babies managed in collaboration with the pediatric clinic of the University of Palermo in 2015 and Messina in 2016 should be mentioned.

The last of these courses, organized in 2016 with the University of Messina, concerned Sub Intensive Newborn pathology and the use of respiratory devices for positive pressure ventilation, and training on endotracheal intubation.

Fondazione Eva Candela - Corso
Fondazione Eva Candela - Corso
Fondazione Eva Candela - Corso

At the beginning of 2017 The Eva Candela Foundation, in collaboration with the Pegasus Telematic University, organized a master’s degree in Pathophysiology Reproduction and Assisted Reproductive Technologies starting on 1st October.

In the current year two further training courses are planned in Neonatal Pathology and the 49th edition of “Permanent Courses in Physiopathology of Human Reproduction and Assisted Reproductive Technologies”.

In May 2018, along with the celebrations of Palermo Capital of Culture, the Foundation decided to organize an international congress “Louise Brown’s 40th Birthday, the Return of Pioneers”at which, the first child in the world born in a test tube, conceived and born in Italy in 1984 at the hands of an all Italian team, is likely to be present.

Nel Maggio 2018, tra gli eventi celebrativi di Palermo Capitale della Cultura, la Fondazione si è fatta carico di organizzare un congresso di valenza internazionale dal titolo “Louise Brown’s 40th Birthday, the Return of Pioneers” al quale sarà, con tutta probabilità, assicurata la presenza della prima bambina al mondo nata in provetta, e quella concepita e nata in Italia nel 1984 da équipe totalmente italiana.